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Buzz has launched a professional Menu Distribution Service for Metro Boston. To learn more about the service please  CLICK HERE

What's The Buzz about BAM!


Door hanger marketing continues to prove the best way to market and product or service. Learn more about  the advantages by clicking the link below 


Buzz announced today an expansion of it's door to door distribution service to include weekly circulars throughout the greater Boston area.


BuzzZ announced a name change for 2009. From this point on Boston BuzzZ will be known as BAM! Buzz Advertising & Marketing Group. The name change is made to match the talents and services Buzz provides.


BuzzZ Marketing & Promotions Announced today the launching  of  our new website. Old pages will be used until the website is completely updated.


Boston BuzzZ announced today a partnership with Boston Metro Newspaper. BuzzZ and it's staff will be tasked to distributed Metro's GameDay in and around Fenway.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.


BuzzZ Creative Media Services: Creation and placement of advertising

The making of creative advertising is no puzzle, at least not for us. Let us build buzz for your brand, your product or service through the following:

  • Creative ads for radio, television, and print.
  • Using our unconventional, out of the box tools and marketing strategies.

Buzz Professional Distribution Services: Circular, Flyer, Door Hanger, Samples Distribution

Bypass the advertising clutter. Put your message / offer in the hands or on doors of your consumers. There are endless reasons why "Direct To Consumer" marketing works well, most notable are:

  • Ability to capture interest immediately.
  • Produces fast results with a purchase usually being made shortly after delivery

Online Marketing

The future of marketing is online. Not since TV advertising has it been this easy, and at the same time difficult to capture the interest of consumers.

Here's why you should use BAM!:

  • Unique understanding of the various Online Marketing systems
  • Options for the smallest of budgets





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BAM! Buzz Advertising & Marketing Group is Boston's leading door-to-door marketing team. Buzz's people and our strategies really make the difference. marketing puts your product and /or product information in the hands of your potential customers. Boston BuzzZ's street team is not limited to Boston, MA. Our small army is On Point to market you product or service to anywhere in New England: Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, flyers New Hampshire, and Rhode Island BuzzZ Marketing & promotions Company is Boston's leader in Hispanic / Latino marketing. No other advertising agency comes close to commitment or ability to reach this growing population. Boston BuzzZ employs some of the brightest and creative minds in the marketing / advertising industry.

Specializing in the creation, production, and placement of advertising messages, an advertising agency should be able to attract the attention of consumers and/or influence their feelings toward a product, service, or cause. An advertising agency can range from full-service to a la carte, offering an array of services encompassing design, production, media buys, and account management. Circular advertising is a cost effective method to get the word about your business or service

An advertising agency must be able to design and work with it clients' unique needs and budget and the client must find an advertising firm they feel comfortable with. In choosing an advertising agency, it's necessary to define campaign promotional objectives carefully in order to select the right match. A potential client should ask for recommendations from former and present clients from the advertising company, as well as engage in a screening and interview process. Boston There should be a level of chemistry present between the client and the advertising agency. Ability to print with diecut.

door hangers are a low-cost method of marketing associated with people telling other people about a company’s products and/or services, BAM Buzz Advertising & Marketing Group is based on peoples’ direct experiences with specific services / products or on the experiences others have related to them. Boston promotional services Internet marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web-marketing, online marketing, or e-marketing.